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AI Can Chat!

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Making your online chats come alive!

through advances in conversational technology

AI Can Chat is a virtual population and conversational technology solutions provider, envisioned to fuel more naturalistic digital communications across domains ranging from medicine to social sciences and beyond, through a plethora of artificial intelligence (AI) and deep technologies driven platforms such as  chat-bots, interactive online training and learning, social robotics etc., to augment each user's experience.

At the core of of our platform lies the ability to generate a virtual population with limitless array of individuals with rich and complex personal histories that can engage the user in natural and meaningful conversations. Hence our name, AICanChat.

We partner with experts in the fields to develop and deliver customizable virtual communication modalities for educational and training purposes, as per individual and organizational needs.

We have launched our flagship product, Virtual Integrated Patient aimed to add value to medical education landscape.

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